What does this mean? Device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E8\5CF37075A9FE requires further installation.

although using the plugable bluetooth USB adapter did make the bluetooth option appear in my settings, it searches and searches and never finds my Samsung Gear Circle headphones. My landline phone and my cell phone find the headphones fine but my computer needed this adapter for the bluetooth option to even show up. when I searched deeper I got this message: Device USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E8\5CF37075A9FE requires further installation. so that makes me think I need something more. I tried using the CD that came with it but got the message that since I use Windows 10 I was good to go … help?

Hi Sabrina,

Thank you for posting your question about the Bluetooth adapter. Generally that message you saw is actually the details for the first message in the Events log that is generated before the installation starts. However, if you scroll further down the list of events, you’ll see that the drivers have been installed. That message is usually only a concern if it the last or only event in the log.

I would be happy to help with this. It is possible that you headphones are still connecting with your phone, so please try turning off Bluetooth on your phone and try connecting to the headphones again from the computer. If this doesn’t help, could you please run our diagnostic program?

Please plug the adapter into your computer, then go to this page, and follow the instructions there:


When you run the program, it will create a zip file on your desktop with your computer name and the date. Please send that file directly to our support email at support@plugable.com. I’ll be able to see if there was a problem installing the software.

Thank you,

Plugable Support