What about Windows CE drivers?

I have a Toshiba TG01 with Host USB. Is there a Windows CE drive? I’m very interested and there is an important community of TG01 users that would be good clients!- Thank you.

Hi - Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, there is no support for Windows CE for any of the DisplayLink-based products.

A little more detail: There are open source drivers for DisplayLink chips and Plugable’s devices on Linux and BSD - which is why there is action happening on Android phones right now. And there have been people who have looked at WinCE in the past – so it’s certainly possible someone could go and develop some kind of Win CE drivers. But the Windows CE market, as big as it is, is not big enough to support the very significant initial and ongoing cost of a maintaining a working driver, especially a USB graphics driver running on varied platforms.

If there was a Windows CE company (Microsoft, or one of its OEMs) who could justify a multi-$100K investment spread over several years, that would likely make it possible to find someone to do this kind of work. Or Microsoft certainly could do the work themselves. But neither scenario seems likely at this point, unfortunately. Sorry.

Thank you for the question, though!