Watch videos on my TV with the Plugable USB Docking Station (UD-3900)

I have a LG 50" Plasma TV. It has a USB port but I can only listen to music or view images with the port. It also has 3 HDMI ports.

I want to be able to watch videos from a USB stick or hard drive. Will the Plugable USB Docking Station (UD-3900) allow me to watch videos through my TV?

Thank you.

Hello Diónysos - I am sorry to say that this will not work. The UD-3900 is designed to be connect to a Windows computer.

Thank you for your reply, Patric.

Do you know of any devices that will allow me to accomplish my goal?

Not really sorry. If you cannot play video’s via USB stick or hard drive, then you are most likely running into a codec issue. You need to find out which codec or video format the TV can handle. If you stike out in that aspect, and your TV has a network port, you could look into PLEX or KODI (which is the platform I prefer) to see if you could stream video to your TV that way. You would need an additional device to host PLEX or KODI and attach storage to it, but, it will be well worth it when you can get it to work.

OK. Thank you, Patric. Take care…