Waking up 4k port on UD-ULTCDL-EU with selective suspend already disabled

There seems to be a lot of trouble with monitors not waking from sleep. Is there any definitive information on this problem?

I am having a problem with at least 4 UD-ULTCDL devices not waking the monitor connected to the port labelled 4K.

Each using a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3.

Having disabled the “USB selective suspend” settings, both on battery and plugged-in, the problem is partially eliminated. Now when Windows 10 is locked and unlocked the 1080p BenQ monitor wakes up as expected.

However the monitor still fails to wake-up when the Windows laptop wakes from sleep.

It becomes necessary to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable as others have reported.

I see the Plugable debugging tool is regularly recommended on this forum, but surely the problem is well understood by someone now???

The latest DisplayLink software is installed.

What other workarounds exist?

Thank you!

Hi @adrian,

Thanks for posting!

I appreciate the details you’ve provided. To be entirely transparent, the issue of the HDMI 4K port (which is powered through the native USB-C video signal outputted by the host) failing to wake upon sleep can be due to a number of factors, so there is not a definitive solution for all cases I’m afraid.

One important detail to raise is that the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 for example has a firmware update from November 2019 which resolved issues relating to choppy audio and the wake behavior through USB-C docks. Can you confirm that the Surface Laptop 3 systems that are deployed are up-to-date with the latest Windows updates?

Assuming the systems do have the latest updates, these issues can also be due to a hardware problem with the dock itself, but if you’re seeing this same problematic behavior on at least four docks, it would be very rare to see that many faulty units.

One detail that would help us understand the issue – does this problem occur consistently when the system is put to sleep, then waked up? Or does it only occur intermittently?

Thank you!


Hey Mitchell thanks so much for your reply.

To confirm, all Surface Laptop 3’s are up to date with latest firmware and other updates.

The problem occurs 100% of the time and is easily reproduced using the Sleep from the Windows Start Menu.

Would you like me to send you Amazon order numbers privately to help identify the equipment? We have 6 hubs in total so far, as a trial. The other 2 hubs are using only the 2K port at this time.

Thank you.

Thanks for getting back to me. Understood that the laptops are all updated according to Microsoft, as well as the fact that the problem is reproducible consistently.

Yes, that would be great to receive the Amazon Order ID. Additionally, it would also be ideal to receive a set of logs from one of your Surface Laptop 3 computers.

As you’ve already seen on our forums, please simply keep the dock connected (with everything still attached), then navigate to our PlugDebug tool and follow the instructions there.

Please send the ZIP file created (and the Amazon Order ID) to us at support@plugable.com, and you may include “Ticket #340964” in the subject line to help match up the email to this post.

Thank you!


Thanks again Mitchell. I have sent the email now with a PlugDebug capture and Amazon order numbers.


Thank you Adrian, the information you sent was received and much appreciated.

We’re currently running our Surface Laptop 3 through some testing in our labs to confirm the current state of compatibility with our UD-ULTCDL dock, and I’ll be in touch once again with any findings with the logs and/or our internal testing.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks Mitchell.

As an update to this thread, Plugable is able to reproduce this HDMI 4K port issue upon wake from sleep through our Surface Laptop 3 and the UD-ULTCDL dock as reported.

This is unexpected as we had tested the Surface Book 3 upon initial launch and we did not experience these same issues. We’re currently investigating what may have caused this regression in behavior, but ultimately this fix may need to come from Microsoft.

We have updated our compatibility sheets to reflect this, and unfortunately would not recommend the Surface Laptop 3 with our UD-ULTCDL dock at this time.

I’ll be closing this thread, but for any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to open a new topic or contact us directly at support@plugable.com.



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