wake-up laptop when connected to triple display usb-c docking station

Tonight I connected a 4k monitor, keyboard, network to the plugable triple display docking station through USB-C/thunderbold.to my spectre x360 13-w010nd notebook.
Most things seem to work, except from one thing.
If I close the monitor-lid of the notebook, the notebook goes to sleep.and it turns the 4k monitor to sleep as well.
Pushing the power button does not awake the notebook.
I was wondering if there’s solution for this matter, as with all other docking stations so far I have been working with, I could close the notebood and keep working using the external monitor(s).

Is this possilbe with the ud-ultcdl? Or do I need to find the solution in the settings of the notebook?

thanks for your answer,

Hello Peter,

Thanks for asking! I’d be happy to assist you.

You should be able to change this setting in Windows to allow you to close the screen and keep the system running.

Here is a great article that talks about this:

You’ll want to set the laptop to “do nothing” when you close the lid. That should resolve this for you!

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Dear Joshua,
thank you for your quick answer.
I changed the notebook power settng to ‘do nothing’ when on power. It works, thanks.
My next challenge will be to find out how to power on the notebook with the lid closed when connected to the usb-c plubable, but I assume that is also an HP setting.
Thanks agian.

Hi Peter,

Sorry for my delayed reply. Glad to hear that helped.

Turning the HP on when the lid is closed and the system is in sleep mode could be made to work if the BIOS supports waking from USB devices (keyboard/mouse) but if the HP is turned off completely it will need to be powered on with the power button on the unit itself.

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