Wake from sleep. Plugable bluetooth adaptor

Just received my Plugable Bluetooth adapter and connected my BT mouse and keyboard sucessfully. Is it possible to wake the PC (Windows 10) with this adapter and a BT mouse or keyboard? I suspect the adapter needs to say on an listen for a event in order to wake the pc?

Hi Henrik,

Thank you for posting your question. Unfortunately, at present, Windows is very poorly set up for waking from a Bluetooth keyboard. Some people have been successful using a Bluetooth mouse, but it seems that also does not work in all cases. As you have correctly mentioned, to awaken through Bluetooth, the computer would have to keep the Bluetooth adapter on, which would mean also keeping the USB port awake and power, not putting the adapter to sleep, and retaining the Bluetooth software in operation, since most of the control of the adapter and the Bluetooth radio signals happens in Windows.

There are settings for some of these things, but it can be really frustrating because settings are either grayed out or changing them seems to have no affect. There doesn’t see to be a setting for keeping Bluetooth alive.

If you really need a wireless keyboard and mouse and the ability to use them to wake up the computer from sleep, the best choice is a proprietary, non-Bluetooth device like those made by many companies such as Logitech and Microsoft. For them, all the radio control is handled between the dongle and the device, and the dongle presents itself as a standard USB keyboard or mouse.

I hope this gives some insight into the issue.

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Hi Henrick,

I’m going to close this thread. If you have any other questions, please contact us directly at support@plugable.com.