"waiting for connection" XP to windows 10 upgrade


Now that Windows doesn’t offer support for Windows XP I cannot check to see if there are files missing that make the “Easy Transfer” impossible. I just get the “waiting for connection” message on both computers and no magic happens.


Hello Craig,

Thanks for contacting us! I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing technical difficulties with your Easy Transfer Cable.

Given the behavior you’re describing, we’ll want to investigate which antivirus/security/firewall programs are installed on the systems, and see if we can temporarily disable them, as they might be blocking the connection.

In the taskbar/notification area (down by the clock), there should be an icon for the security software. Once we’ve found the icon, we’ll want to right-click it, and see if there’s an option along the lines of “Disable Firewall” or “Disable Protection”. If given the option of how long to disable protection, choose “Until System Restart” so that it doesn’t turn itself back on in the middle of the transfer.

The steps are a bit different depending on which antivirus you are using, so if you’re unable to find a way to disable it, please let me know the name of the antivirus software on each system and I’ll see if I can find any additional specific instructions to temporarily disable things.

We appreciate your patience through the troubleshooting process.

Thank You,
Plugable Support



I went in and disabled the firewalls on both computers and it still will not transfer. In the “troubleshooting” area it asks that I download a particular Windows file but now that Microsoft doesn’t support the XP platform, that is not possible. It is suggesting that I upgrade to get the file which is an expense that makes no sense.

Can I get a refund on this purchase and I’ll just take the computers to my local computer store and pay them to do the transfer for me?



Hi Craig,

I apologize for the inconvenience. If you prefer to get a refund, please follow the link below.


Based on your last message, it sounds like you might be using the built-in computer sync software in Windows, as the Easy Computer Sync software that comes with the transfer cable doesn’t feature a troubleshooting area or require any additional files or updates in order to work.

If you’re not using the software that came with the cable, you can try installing Bravura’s Easy Computer Sync program by following the download link I’ve provided below.


Thank You,

Plugable Support



I bought the cable a couple of years ago but lost my registration code, so I purchased a new registration code at plugable.com. That $19.95 is what I would request a refund on. I did not buy through Amazon though.

I did use Bravura’s Easy Computer Sync program and a LAN cable to transfer the files and programs over today.

Thank you!



Hi Craig,

Thanks for the information.

Plugable doesn’t sell the software product keys separately. All product keys issued by us for the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software are included with the purchase of our Easy Transfer Cable.

Our Easy Transfer Cable also does not connect via LAN cable, so it sounds like you might be using a different product not sold by Plugable.

If you purchased a differently branded transfer cable or a product key directly on Amazon, you can still follow the below link to request a refund.


We appreciate your interest in our products.

Thank You,

Plugable Support


Hi Amanda,

So…apparently I bought similar software from your company twice. The package shown in the picture is what I bought a couple of years ago to update a co-workers computer. The software key card was lost but the cable and packaging were intact…so I plugged the cables in which triggered a web link and the option of purchasing the appropriate software. That cable and that connection and that purchase is what would not work. Yes, it did offer to sell me a code to “unlock” the full capabilities of the cable I had purchased previously and plugged into the computers.

Here is the card transaction from Sunday (posted on Monday): 02/15/2016 Debit Card,Withdrawal
Card 16 #8964 ($19.95)

THEN, on Monday I went to the Windows 10 “help” site and tried to troubleshoot the problem. They suggested the Bravura “LapLink PC Mover Professional”, I bought for $29.95 using my PayPal account. The Easy Transfer cable still didn’t work with that download so I tried making the connection with a LAN line I had in my office and then the computers found each other and within 1 1/2 hours the job was completed flawlessly.

Does this make sense
? !](https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1367296/plugableeasytransfer_inline.jpg?1455735579)](https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1367296/plugableeasytransfer.jpg?1455735579)


Hi Craig,

I appreciate the clarification.

The Easy Computer Sync software that comes with our Easy Transfer Cable is made and sold by a separate company called Bravura. To look into a refund for your most recent product key purchase, you’ll need to follow the below link to Bravura’s Customer Support page.


Since Microsoft’s support forums suggested that you purchase LapLink PC Mover Professional and it did not solve the issue, you can contact LapLink to request a refund for their program by following the link I’ve provided below.


When you originally bought the Easy Transfer Cable, you were given a 30-day return through Amazon. As a courtesy to our customers, Plugable itself offers a 1-year warranty. Unfortunately, since this cable was purchased a couple of years ago it is outside our warranty, and we can no longer offer a refund.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


Plugable Support