Video Shakes

Hey guys/girls, how’s it going? 1st off, I bought a few of the UGA2KA adapters and I love them. They work great on my HOME computer. However, this morning, I took one to work and I am experiencing a problem:
The video on the “USB monitor” shakes around (see video). I have tried:

  • Latest driver
    -Changing resolutions
    -Looking for Windows Update KB something something to uninstall it, but do not have it
  • Different USB ports
  • having just the UGA2KA as the ONLY device through USB

The problem still persists. Any ideas on what this could be?

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for posting here and for sending us the video, it was very helpful! From the video it was hard to tell exactly but is the adapter connected to a USB port directly on the machine? We’ve seen adapters behave in strange ways when it’s not able to pull enough power.

Have you tested this exact adapter using the same USB cables from a home machine?


Wellll hello there Ellen! :slight_smile:

My pleasure - I know what it is like when someone says “Hey, I have a problem… can you fix it?” lol

Hmm power - that is a good point. My home setup all UGAs are plugged into YOUR HUB :slight_smile: so looks like it has a healthy stable power source.

I will try using a good quality USB hub at work as well.

I’ll let you know. Thanks for your awesome and quick reply. I love your company’s products - so great!

And yes, I am using the same cables for both home and work computers.

Ah, thanks for the details there! Let us know what you see at work when the adapters are connected to a powered hub!