Video on dual monitors flickers after upgrading Win 8.1 to Win 10

Hello all,

Thanks for taking a look at this post. I’ve used my Plugable USB 3.0 UD-3900 without issue until about 1 month ago… I upgraded Win 8.1 64bit HP laptop that is hooked up via the Plugable to 2 external monitors. All had been working fine until after update to Windows 10. The real bugger is that issue is intermittent making it difficult to pin down and I am aware that Windows 10 has had known issues with “flickering” screen but this is appears to be related to the UD-3900 as once it’s removed the flickering doesn’t occur on laptop monitor or if hooked directly to one of the monitors. I did updated video drives for both HP laptop and DisplayLink to no avail. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for contacting us. Sorry to hear of the screen flickering after updating to Windows 10 and I will be happy to help. I noticed you also contacted us directly at I will limit our communication to that email thread in order to keep everything in one place.

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David W.
Plugable Technologies