Video Issues w. Pluggable

I see the following issues:

  1. Power settings in Win7 are set to turn off the monitors after a few minutes. If I move the mouse, they all come back on except the one attached to pluggable
  2. Netflix doesn’t work at all on pluggable, even w. “optimize for video” set
  3. Fullscreen Youtube doesn’t work either

Oh ho! OK the Netflix and Youtube thing is solved! Just set pluggable to 32bit instead of 16bit! Happy, happy! This is the greatest gadget!

So the only remaining issue is that whe power settings in windows turn the displays off, and I move the mouse to wake the displays again, the Plugable one doesn’t wake.

Hi Daniel - Thanks for contacting us! And thanks for solving noticing the solution to the netflix/youtube issue - yes, on Windows it’s best to stay with the default (32bpp) for all graphics adapters, including USB ones, as Windows Aero (and many applications) won’t work if any display is set to 16bpp.

OK - So let’s try to figure out the monitor wake issue. First recommendation, if you haven’t already is to upgrade to the latest DisplayLink driver version (5.5 M1 Dec 3, 2010), downloadable here:…

If that doesn’t do it, we’ll need to take a closer look at the system. If it’s brand name, what make and model of desktop/laptop. And what GPU (nVidia, Intel, or ATI)?

Thanks for letting us know - we’ll get this wake issue figured out!

Wow! Stellar support! Bernie got me fixed - all I needed was the latest driver from the DisplayLink web site to solve the wake issue.

Woo hoo! I LOVE Plugable. You guys’ support level is awesome, as well as your product. Plug it in, choose your settings, and the speed is crazy fast, and the thing is rock solid stable. I love it! I’m so sold, I’m never going back to fiddling with multiple video cards. This is so important to how I work and my productivity, I need it to just work. Thanks, deeply.

Thanks so mch Daniel! We love multimon, so it’s awesome to be able to sell a product that can bring it to a wider audience!