Video data and power from HDMI to TYPE-C

Hi all,
I have a HDMI video source and I need to forward it to many (about 5) small monitors whit only one type-C input for both:
video data and power supply.
So my need is a splitter with power and hdmi input and many powered type-c outputs.
Is there a possibile solution?
Also a single power injected “HDMI to Type-c” adapter could be a solution…
Please help!

Thanks for posting. Essentially the theoretical device you mention would convert from HDMI signaling to DP, then encoded via DP Alternate Mode over USB-C. This would be complex and expensive, and not something we would be likely to pursue.

So you think that the hdmi video signal must be encoded to be used in the type C plug…I thought it was just a “wire connection” whitout conversion.
I was thinking to do a handycraft wire connecting the hdmi video signal and the power from 2 external sources…
ok, thank you

The monitor I want to use is:

very nice and powerfull…but only one type-C connector.