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Gentlemen im trying to assemble a multi monitor trade station useing 4k monitors to run off my new asus laptop using windows 10. It seems you have a hub 3.0 7 port and im assuming i need a graphics card and or adaptors for each monitor is that how it sets up? Specifically im uneducated about the vidio card aspect and don’t know if there is a vidio card that will support 7 4k monitors or if you need 7 seperate cards, is that what the hub does? I trust i can buy all these components from you thru amazon?, can you give me a list what to order under this scenario ive described. Thankyou for your time, Dave Mutty, DeLand, FL

Hi Dave,

Thank you posting!

Based on your description, I am afraid we do not offer a solution that will meet your requirements.

To expand further, our USB video adapters are based on DisplayLink technology which is a ‘virtual’ graphics adapter that relies on the host system’s CPU and internal physical graphics adapter in order to work. With each adapter added to the system, more resources are required and 4K displays require a very powerful system,

As a result, the maximum number of 4K displays we recommend or support using our USB video adapters is two, which is far short of the seven you require.

Apologies that we do not have a solution to offer in this case!

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I have the usb 3 hub 7 and decided to attempt to run only two monitors off of it as recommended. I have plugged it in and cannot determine for the life of me what it is or isn’t doing. The monitor says check connection. The monitor does come on and the power addaptor is plugged into the same power supply. When i push in the power button all the little blue led lites blink momentarily otherwise no sighns of life. The cable that came with it is plugged into my laptops 3.0 hub port and multiple hubs appear in device manager under universal serial bus controlers, question is why the blue led isnt on for the port going to the monitor and why the monitor doesn’t see a conection.

Hi David,

Thank you for getting back. It sounds like you only purchased a USB hub, like our USB3-HUB7BC →

A USB hub like the USB3-HUB7BC on its own will not allow you to connect displays to your system. Its only purpose is to allow you to add more USB data devices, like USB keyboards, mice, printers, etc. It will not allow you to use external video displays, regardless of what type of cable you have connecting the two together. I would recommend making use of our 30-day no-hassle return policy to return the Plugable USB hub to Amazon for a refund.

In order to connect additional displays, you would have to purchase one of our USB video adapters based on DisplayLink technology. Even with only two 4K displays, such a configuration would require a very powerful system as I mentioned previously.

If your system meets our recommended specifications, a product that will allow you to connect two 4K HDMI displays to a system with an available USB 3.0 port would be our USB 3.0 Dual 4K HDMI adapter known as the USB3-6950-HDMI → (current recommended specifications are listed under the ‘System Requirements’ section on the product page).

The USB3-6950-HDMI will connect to an available USB 3.0 port of your laptop (your laptop must have an available USB 3.0 port).

Two HDMI 4K displays can then be connected to the adapter using standard HDMI 2.0 to HDMI 2.0 cables (cables with an HDMI connector on both ends, that meet the HDMI 2.0 specification), video cables are not included. Your displays must have an available HDMI 2.0 input, and the HDMI 2.0 input must support 4K@60Hz.

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