VGA monitor works when directly connected to the notebook but is not seen by the docking station.

When the VGA monitor is plugged in directly to the notebook it work without a problem. I am able to see everything on the external screen. When plugged into the docking station the monitor is not seen. The monitor goes to sleep.

Re-installing the DisplayLink drivers was able to resolve this issue. Do so by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect the UD-3000 from the computer and remove the power adapter from the UD-3000.

  2. Run the DisplayLink Cleaner tool to completely uninstall existing DisplayLink Software:…

  3. Download driver v7.4 M2 from the below link and follow the installation prompts.…

  4. Reboot the computer,

  5. Replug the power adapter to the UD-3000 and reconnect the UD-3000 to the computer. Allow several minutes for the driver to enumerate and for the firmware to complete upgrade.