Very slow USB2=E1000 plugable


Just purchased Model # usb2-E1000 to replace a 10/100 adapter. Running win 10 updated from win 7. I followed all direction for computer with win 10 and a driver was installed. The pluggable recognizes the internet but is slower on speedtest than 10/100 adapter by more than 50%. time Warner is my provider with 300mbps download speeds. My built in 10/100 downloads around 92mbps which considering an 10/100 card is great. My pluggable downloads at about 20 to 25mbps. Since my 2.0 usb should handle over 400mbps I should be getting close to my providers max speed. Any help should be appreciated.


Hi Jack,

Thank you for posting this question about your USB2-E1000 adapter. I’m sorry you aren’t seeing the speeds you were expecting.

Typically we see about 250-300 mbps from this adapter. It doesn’t quite reach the theoretical speed of USB 2.0 because of overhead, and because USB 2.0 itself rarely reaches its theorectical top speed.

That being said, you should be seeing a lot better than what you are.

A couple of quick questions that will help me understand what is going on:

  1. Did you use the same Ethernet cable for this adapter as you did for your 10/100 card?

  2. Were all other Ethernet adapters disabled? You’ll want to go into Device Manager, right click each other adapter, and click Disable.

If either answer was no, please try again with the same cable and the other adapters disabled, and let me know how that goes. If yes, we’ll take a deeper look at what is going on.

Thank you,

Plugable Support


Hi Jack,

We’re closing this thread due to inactivity, but please feel free to email if you need further assistance.