Very slow speeds

I am using an HP TouchSmart 15 Laptop, running Windows 8.1, 8Gb or RAM.
Just bought the Plugable USB 3 to Ethernet adapter SN 159736 The unit would not accept the drivers from Nov 2017 for Windows 8.1/64bit from your website suggested in your booklet

I allowed it to load with the drivers on the little disc that came with the package. I rebooted my computer and when I tested the unit via Xfinity broadband speed test it pegged the speed for about one second and dropped down to 60Mbs. My laptop does not have a 10/100/1000 network card and my cable company provides a minimum of 300Mbs or more. I have seen it go as high as 800Mbs.

I use a new Cat5e cable which gives me an easy 90-120Mbs.
I tried the USB3-E1000 on my USB2 ports and got about 30Mbs or less.

I did take that test and sent it on up. I did buy it through Amazon, so I hope that is OK

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