Venue 8 Pro, Window 10 preview, and the UD-3000 - anybody doing this with any luck?

Hi guys, I’ve recently updated my Venue 8 Pro to Windows 10 tech preview (build 9926). I’m having a tough time getting the video to work on my external monitor. I’m using the UD-3000. This morning when I came in to the office, it was kind-of working - a first, despite a previous day of trying EVERYthing with alpha drivers, Windows Update, and reboots. The problem is that now the external monitor view is rotated 90 degrees. The DisplayLink controls (then and now) are completely unresponsive - you can select a setting, but nothing ever happens. Is anybody else getting a V8P and a UD-3000 to work with this Windows build? Thanks!


We’ve not put Windows 10 on any of our Venue tablets yet so unfortunately we can’t comment on the behavior you’re experiencing. With that being said, we’d like to try and help.

How are your monitors configured? Are you using the external monitor only or are you running in extended mode leaving the tablet screen enabled? There were some known bugs with Windows 8.1 and DisplayLink adapters that may have carried over into Windows 10.

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I’m using just the external monitor (at least that’s the intent) when docked to the UD-3000. In 8.1, I simply clicked the displaylink icon in the system tray and chose “Turn off notebook monitor”, and that switched off the internal display and turned the external monitor into the main monitor. It no longer works. The items in the UD-3000 menu (notebook monitor off, rotation, mirror, extend, etc.) do nothing.

I’m not beating up on Plugable - your product has been great and your support is excellent, but I must admit that I’m surprised that a company that makes the things that Plugable makes is not more informed/prepared in regards to the operating system that will become its customer base this summer. Why wouldn’t somebody there be curious as to whether Window 10 on a tablet works with your universal dock?

We’ve been testing on full featured laptops and desktops primarily as they don’t have a “crippled” Intel HD Graphics driver that the Intel BayTrail series tablets use.

The rotated 90 degree issue is present with Windows 8.1 when running external monitor only mode through the dock under some scenarios. If running in extended desktop mode with both screens enabled, this issue goes away, at least it did in Windows 8.1.

I’ll see about replicating this issue on one of our Venues next week, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


We’ve updated our Venue to Windows 10 Technical Preview with all of the latest Windows Updates and installed the latest DisplayLink drivers available for it (7.8.59464.0).

We’ve had no issues running the displays in extended mode or external monitor only mode. Duplicate mode is still broken where it only duplicates in portrait mode.

The rotation issue that we were experiencing in Windows 8/8.1 no longer seems to be present for us.

Do you know what version of the DL software you’re running currently? Also, what version of the Intel HD Graphics driver are you running? We’ve got from 11/26/2013.

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Hi, I have an UD-3000 and a Surface Pro 2, I want to update to Windows 10, any problem?

Hi Igor,

We’ve not test the Surface Pro 2 with the Windows 10 Technical Preview yet. We cannot comment as to if there are any issues or not.

As Windows 10 is still a preview, issues can and will likely occur, do not upgrade if you cannot afford to have some potential down time with a crippled or unstable system.