vbscript enaled xp

when loading software comes with message "vbscript not enaled " so I checkek and it was enabled help

Hi John,

Sorry to hear about the issues.

The vbscript functionality is built in to Windows, and can be utilized by various programs. If we’re getting a vbscript error when trying to install, that tells us that some other program has damaged the the vbscript functionality of Windows (usually through a bad uninstallation).

Did you previously have McAfee antivirus on this system? That seems to be one of the more common programs reported to cause this problem in Windows.

This link has some instructions from a user who found a solution to the issue, but it involves some manual registry editing:

If the above steps don’t work, not sure if there’s going to be anything that can be done to resolve the vbscript issue other than reinstalling Windows which of course isn’t usually a good solution.