UX433F Zenbook Main Monitor issue 4K

UX433F Zenbook new as of yesterday
LG UM57-P Monitors x 2 either side of main monitor Phillips 55"4K

This set up works perfectly on my matebook X PRO as I have the same monitors and hub in my office at home and at work.

But the zenbook refuses to see the main Phillips 55" 4K only the 2 LG monitors which is a little strange It also does not charge the laptop not critical but a slight issue.

Can some one help with the no main monitor please?

Hi Steve,

Welcome to our forums and thank you for contacting Plugable support!

I have checked the specifications for the ASUS ZenBook UX433F, and see that while it does have USB-C port, it does not support alt-mode video via the port. Therefore, only the DisplayPort video outputs on the UD-ULTC4K docking station will work, the HDMI output will not function since it requires your laptop to support the alt-mode video feature.

Because your ASUS laptop does not support the alt-mode video that our USB-C based docking stations use, we would only recommend the USB 3.0 based docking stations for this laptop.

I hope this information is helpful but please do let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can assist with.

-Andrew T.
Plugable Technologies

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