Using USB 2.0 can't open bootable HD with Win Vista installed on Win 7-64 Pro laptop.

Just received your Communicator U3. After booting my Lenovo Thinkpad L520 laptop, plugged in using USB 2.0 port. Laptop is running Win 7-64 Pro SP1 with NTFS file system. Attempting to access WD Blue Scorpion 3.5" 320 GB HD from another laptop. This HD is bootable and has Win Vista SP2 with NTFS installed.

Turning U3 on, drive powers up and is recognized as: Local Disk (F:). Opening with Win Explorer produces message: You need to format the drive in F: before you can use it. Selecting Cancel results in Error: F:\ is not accessible. Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

What is wrong? Please advise as soons as possible. I’m not trying to boot on this drive. Do I have to make this a “slave” drive to make it accessible?

Thank you for your anticipated prompt reply.

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for posting! The drive you’re recovering from the old Vista may have errors.

You’ll want to run WD’s “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic” on the drive:…

Hopefully that will identify next steps for the drive.

Here’s a thread with other people experiencing a similar problem with a drive:…

Hope that helps. Let us know if we can do anything in particular, related to the SATA dock itself.