Using UGA with a dead GPU

A question: can this product be used to provide a working display for a laptop with a dead GPU (integrated)? I have a HP DV9000 series laptop, and the GPU seems to have died: machine boots fine, I am able to login, screen is backlit, but the display shows nothing.

Hi Claude,

The answer is … maybe.

If the video output between the GPU and screen is dead, then yes the UGA will work and be a good solution to your problem.

But the UGA relies on the GPU to do its rendering (on Vista and Win 7; not on XP, Mac, or Linux), so in that case, the GPU still has to function well enough to render everything properly to memory, in preparation for it to be sent over USB.

Hope that background helps … let us know if you have any other clues or questions to isolate down this particular case with your failing laptop video.

Thanks for posting!