Using this power strip during storm and fried my pc..

Hi I had a very bad storm in Las Vegas the other night and while using this power strip the PC I built for streaming and gaming shorted… 3500$ down the drain…maybe… im not sure if just the power supply or the entire thing is dead but was wondering if this power strip has a warranty to cover such cases? Im really hoping its not the entire pc and just the PSU but any help would be great…

Its the PS12-USB2 power strip

I would hate to have to let everyone know that this power strip doesnt protect expensive pcs from power surges…I can give proof of purchase through newegg along with all the parts I used to build the pc that was connected to it…

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m sorry to hear that your devices were damaged during an electrical storm. The PS12-USB2 does provide electrical protection for surges up to 4320 Joules. This protects against voltage spikes from things like your refrigerator turning on, the air conditioner’s initial current draw, and from surges/brown-outs originating from the power company via grid switching.

It’s a common misconception that surge protectors will protect against direct lightning strikes or those in very close proximity. An electrical storm can create voltage spikes that completely bypass any possible protection that a surge protector can provide. A lightning bolt jumps many miles between cloud and ground to discharge up to 4 billion joules of energy, and unfortunately that much raw power is very difficult to stop.

If your devices have been irreparably damaged, my best suggestion would be to consult either your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy – thankfully many policies do cover these types of events.