Using the plugable converter for USB tethering into a wireless router


I live out in the sticks and have a unique problem. The only way I get internet is through a grandfathered unlimited data plan on a Galaxy S3 rooted. I want to understand if this Plugable USB 2 OTG Converted can take an internet connection from my GS3 through activating USB Tethering and feed it into a wireless router using Ethernet cable. Is that possible?

Asking because while a ton of routers these days come with a USB port or two, they are pretty much useless for my application. As all they support is printing or file sharing. And the only way most routers “access” internet is through the Ethernet port.

Kindly let me know if this device would work for my application. Thank you very much

Hi there,

Thank you for posting the question.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Plugable USB2-OTGE100 Ethernet adapter would work with a Galaxy S3. As far as we know, most of all the Samsung Android devices don’t support the USB2-OTGE100. This means those don’t have built-in the necessary device driver for AX88772 chipset, and since Android doesn’t allow users to install any additional device driver, there isn’t any way to make it work.

Since you mentioned “rooted”, you may be able to do something to resolve this situation, but if that the case we cannot support that system configuration. Thanks you so much for your understanding.

Sorry about this bad news but hope this helps!

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