Using "Sync files" to update Thurderbird data (with subfolders) in Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) from Thurderbird in XP Home (32 bit) XP Home.

I want to synchronize the data in Thunderbird in Windows 7 Pro with the data in the folders & sub-folders (which I added) of Thurderbird in Windows XP. I did it once but don’t remember how.

Hi Tom,

Generally synchronizing files that are in the “Application Data” section of Windows is not advisable. The most straightforward way to have the same email data on both systems is to check and see if your email provider supports “IMAP”, which will automatically synchronize the mail contents between multiple systems.

Pasting the info from the previous thread regarding this:

I don’t believe system folders and folders (such as “Application Data” where Thunderbird data is stored) can be automatically synchronized, presumably due to the substantial risk of programs on the new system not working after such a process, as well as the large amount of “clutter” that would be introduced to a new operating system by syncing these folders.

Rather than synchronizing the “Application Data” folder, a couple of suggested methods to accomplish a Thunderbird migration:

-I’ve had positive customer feedback about a program called “MozBackup” that is designed to migrate Thunderbird profile data between machines:

-Alternatively, if you do wish to do things manually with the Bravura software, it should be possible by using the “Drag and Drop Files” transfer method. Once you’re inside the “Simple File Transfer” window that opens, you can check the “Show System Folders” and “Show Hidden Files” check-boxes which should allow you to access the “Application Data” folder that contains the information you’re looking for.

However, the “MozBackup” method is likely to be *much* more straightforward for most users!