Using Pluggable USB-BT4LE adaptor with JVC car stereo

I have a jvc KD-A815 car receiver. Can I use the pluggable USB-BT4LE adaptor to add bluetooth capabilities to it? If so, how?

It doesn’t seem to be recognized by the receiver when I plug it in.

The JVC adaptor was $50; seemed a crime.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for asking!

Unfortunately, this won’t work. Car stereo USB ports are only for using storage devices, like a flash drive, or music players, like an iPod. The stereo lacks the necessary drivers and software support for a standard Bluetooth radio like ours.

Usually in situations like this, there’s a proprietary add-on Bluetooth radio that the manufacturer provides, or can be purchased as an accessory. According to the specifications, yours should have come with one:…

This is actually a not a standard USB device, and will only work with JVC radios specifically.

If you need help with a return or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Sam Morgan
Plugable Technologies