Using Plugable UD-3000 DS with KVM to share keyboard, video, mouse

I’m looking at buying Plugable UD-3000 USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station for Windows 8, 7, XP to connect to my Lenovo W530 laptop, keyboard, mouse and monitor. This docking station and laptop is going to replace my current laptop and port replicator. I also have a Lenovo Desktop that I share the Video, Keyboard and Mouse through a IOGEAR KVM switch. The switch allows me to switch the keyboard, mouse and video between displaying the Lenovo desktop and Lenovo laptop. What I’d like to know is if I can just plug the KVM switch into your docking station and continue to share the keyboard, video and mouse between the new laptop connected to your docking station and my Lenovo desktop.

I bought this item and would very much like an answer or suggestions on how to get the switch working with the dock. Thank you.

This is informative.