Using number buttons causes Applications to jump from monitor to monitor

I love my new plugable USB video adapter, but it has a feature where hitting the number keys 1 thru 4 causes the active application to suddenly jump to that numbered monitor. So if my app is open on screen 3 and I hit the number 1 button the program jumps to my number 1 monitor.

Is there a way to shut off this feature, it’s very annoying to have my applications constantly jumping from one monitor to the next.

Hi Sean-

Thanks for posting with your observations.

The number buttons moving your active window from one display to another isn’t a function that’s built-in to the DisplayLink drivers that our USB graphics devices use, so I think we’ll need to dive into looking for another source for this behavior.

If you’re able to email the output from the DisplayLink Support Tool, attention Jeff, with a link to this thread, to I’ll be happy to review your system details and this should reveal some options to look into.

Here’s a link with instructions for use and download:…

Thanks again for posting and best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITIP Enterprise Support Tech
Plugable Technologies