Using multiple DC-125 docks.

I currently have two monitors connected to my laptop, one using the DC-125 dock. Is it possible to connect the other monitor via a second drop?

drop > dock

Hi Don,

Thanks for posting your question here! You can connect the second monitor through another unit of Plugable DC-125.

Please note that the second unit should be connected to the laptop either through an inbuilt USB port or through a powered USB Hub and should not be plugged into a USB port on the existing Plugable DC-125 unit. This is because the Plugable DC-125 is bus powered and would not be able to provide enough power to power up a high powered USB 2.0 device (requiring close to the max 500 mA as per USB 2.0 specification).

If you only need to connect the second monitor and do not need to use the Audio ports or the the two USB ports on the Plugable DC-125 for connecting low powered USB 2.0 devices, I’d recommend getting one of our USB Graphics Adapters instead.

Hope the above information helps! Please do feel free to post back here or shoot us an email at if you need any additional information. We are here to help!