Using a USB switch to route two devices to one computer, instead of the other way around.

Instead of using the USB switch to route one device to two different computers, I want to use it to route one computer to two different devices. I want to have two different cameras hooked up during a video conference and be able to switch back and forth. Will it work for that?

Hi Loren,

Thanks for posting your question here! The Plugable USB2-SWITCH2 only has one port to which a downstream USB device or hub can be connected and two ports to connect to two upstream computers between which the control of the downstream device can be switched with the press of a button.

The ports to connect the computers cannot be interchanged with the port to connect the downstream device/hub. Hence, it can only be used to switch a downstream USB device/hub between two computers with the press of a button.

If you connect both the cameras to the system (via a USB Hub if you do not have enough USB ports on the system), you could just switch back and forth between the cameras by changing the selection of the video input device on the application that you are using to video conference. You do not need a device to do that.

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