Use wii remote with Plugable bluetooth adapter./ Plugable bluetooth adapter with toshiba bluetooth stack

Is it possible to use your bluetooth adapter with the toshiba bluetooth stack for windows? I’m trying to use a wii remote on my pc and after doing research it seems that the toshiba bluetooth stack is necessary. With the default driver and stack, It connects but can’t maintain the connection.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for posting your question about your Plugable Bluetooth adapter.

I’m sorry to say that the adapter will work only with the native Microsoft stack in Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 or with Broadcom’s proprietary stack (called WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software) in Windows 8.1 and earlier. If the Toshiba stack is present when you try to install the adapter, it will fail.

I’m sorry I can’t give better news.

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