Use DVI monitor on VGA computer?

Will your UGA-2K-A USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapter let me use a DVI monitor with a computer that has a VGA video card?

Can I also do this with one of your docks?

If I can do either, is there a difference in the display quality I’d get with a dock, vs an adapter?

Thank you!


Thank you for posting and for your question!

Yes it will work!

Our display adapters use the graphic cards internally for rendering but the output is taken care by the adapter. So, as long as the adapter can do DVI output you’ll have no trouble.

There is no display quality between any of our products - the only difference is the maximum resolution they can support and different outputs. You will find that many of our products share the same internal chipsets anyway - for example the UD-160-A docking station has the same chipset (DL-165) as the UGA-165 and the USB-VGA-165 and even the USB2-HDMI-165.

The DL-125 is shared by the DC-125 and the UGA-125.

The trick is to get a display adapter that supports the native resolution of your monitor.

If you would like, tell us the monitor make/model you are planning to use and we can recommend the best match for it :slight_smile:


I have one 27" ViewSonic VA2702W at 1920x1080
And one 23" (maybe 22"?) Acer X223W that I usually run at 1600x900
I’ve been told I will want a Samsung. LOL
So far, no TV.

The plan is to have a workstation with two 27" monitors set up vertically and one or two others (possibly smaller) in landscape mode. By then I’ll have a desktop that can take a second video card.

Right now I’m in transition. I have a lower-end desktop that only has VGA, an OK laptop and a growing stash of new components for the new desktop. I’ll probably also keep the low-end desktop until it falls to bits.

Right now I just want to be able to plug the silly DVI thing in. If what I buy now will be useful later, so much the better.


For the monitors you mentioned as long as you stay with the DL-165 chipsets and higher you should be fine. The DL-125s will not go higher than 1440×900 so best to stay away from those for the ViewSonic.

However, when discussing resolutions as high as 1920x1080, you need to take into consideration performance - specially when a lower-end desktop comes into play. You may notice lag - specially in videos - spreadsheets and office applications should be fine though.

Hope this helps!