USBs on computer stop working when drivers for docking station are downloaded


I am unable to use my docking station b/c every time I download the drivers for the device, my USBs on my computer stop working. As soon as I uninstall all of the driver software, the USBs start working properly again.

I am working on Windows 8.



Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! It would be very helpful if you could capture and send us the DisplayLink log file(while the driver is installed), it gives us detailed information on how your system is setup and helps us narrow down the problem. Step by step instructions on how to collect this log file can be found here:…

You can send the zip file directly to and we’ll take a look!



Hi Ellen,
I found this thread and it looks like the same issues I am having. I too have been messing with this ALL day and wonder if you are able to help me based on the following link / issue or if you need me to still collected the log requested.…

Thank you for your help!



That’s good to know! It would still be very helpful if you could send us the DisplayLink logs via It would help us with our next recommended troubleshooting step.



Thank you for your help! Once I switched to a 2.0 USB cord, everything started working. I should be good to go now. Thank you again!