Usbe 1000

I bought one of the usb3-e 1000. This I have had a problem with my Chromebook. It recognizes the ethernet cable, but is not able to do the dhcp look up. I do not known if this could be from the USB3 not working. Thanks for any help.


Thank you for your message.

As long as the Chromebook is up-to-date with software updates, the adapter should work.

DHCP can have issues in a couple of network environments. For example, some offices and school/university networks implement MAC address filtering that can prevent DHCP configuration from being successful unless the MAC address has been whitelisted on the network.

Additionally, we have seen situations where DHCP assignments have run out because of the network being shared by a large number of devices without using a subnet capable of handling all the devices present.

If you don’t feel these are likely to be issues, please contact us via email at and include a PlugDebug log along with your Amazon Order ID for the adapter.


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