usbc to display port macbook-Dell u2415

I just purchased the usb-c to Display port adapter and cannot get it to work w my Dell U2415 connecting to 2017 mac book pro.
Does it work? do I need to change some sett
ings? should I use hdmi instead?
is there an alternate mode I need?
Actually it is recognized but nothing on the screen?

Hello Rich, thank you for posting. I am sorry to hear that our cable is not working and I apologize for the frustration.

Since you mention that the monitor is being detected by MacOS Display Preferences, would you be able to confirm that the input port on the monitor is set to DisplayPort using the monitor’s on screen menu?

Also, it appears that this monitor has both a DisplayPort input port and output port. Would you be able to confirm that you are connected to the DisplayPort input port?

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

Yes import input on monitor is set properly and I rechecked the dp in port.
I did use a diff usbc port and it seems to be ok tonight.

so I will check again but the plugable connection appears to be working.
my timeout issues are someone else problem
Thanks for your quick response David.