USBC-TE1000 Not recognised in Device Manager on 2019 MacbookPro Bootcamp / Windows 10

I have a USBC-TE1000. It works fine on my Dell Optiplex 7080.
When I plug it into my 2019 MacbookPro running Bootcamp/Windows10, the device does not show up in Device Manager.

Is USBC-TE1000 supported on MacbookPro running Bootcamp/Windows10?


Thanks for reaching out to us. I’m sorry for the trouble, and I’d be glad to help. I’m glad to see that the adapter is working as expected on the traditional Windows machine.

With respect, we don’t test our adapters for Boot Camp or other setups and we can’t guarantee compatibility.

Have you tried the adapter on the macOS side? I would suggest to try running a Windows update with the adapter plugged in to see if that clears the situation up. I hope that helps, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you,

Plugable Support

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