USBC- DVI not working

Purchased the USB-c to DVI converter for use with my new 2017 MBP15" to connect to my older 23" (single link) apple cinema HD screen.

The amazon advert ( and reviews) implied this would work.

It did, immediately and I’ve been using without any problem for three days.

I turned both computer and monitor on today and the monitor is now not working from the adaptor,

Broken or a feature?


Hi Steve, thanks for posting! You had also reached out to our direct support email team and had assisted you there. A system SMC and VRAM reset had helped resolve this behavior for you and just wanted to update this forum thread with the resolution:

“First, we will want to see if an SMC and NVRAM reset helps resolve this behavior. Apple has guides here –> and here –> for resetting the SMC and VRAM respectively.”

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies