USBC-6950U only actually outputting a single signal

Good evening-
I have a USBC-6950U that is only sending out video to either “display section” at a time. I can use either type of port- HDMI or DisplayPort, but CANNOT get the unit to output a signal from both display sections at the same time. I AM NOT attempting to connect to both ports of either section.

2022 MacBook AIR M2 (16gb RAM) connected to 6950U. DISPLAY 1 ports work OR DISPLAY 2 ports work, but not both Displays simultaneously. This system has two DELL 2415 monitors attached. These monitors have both types of connections available.


on my 2022 Macbook AIR M2 (8gb RAM) it works as it should. This system has two AOC 2367 displays attached. Flawless.

PLEASE HELP!!! I have a client nearly in tears over this!

Kindest regards,

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for reaching out, and we are sorry to hear of this issue. We noticed that you contacted us directly through our support channel. We went ahead and responded to that ticket request, so please feel free to reply to our response and we would be happy to continue to provide support using our support ticket system.

Best regards,

Michael S.

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