USBC-11N1E is not recognized by new laptop

On my brand new HP laptop model number 17-cn3053…I plugged in the USBC-11N1E into the superspeed USB-C port…and the computer doesn’t recognize it? I even tried adding a power source and still a no go. I was expecting plug and play-but nope!

Please help, before I box this up and return it

Here’s the first response from Plugable…for any future people having the same issue:

Thank you for also providing your PlugDebug file. That is appreciated.

**In order for the USBC-11IN1E to support two external monitors, the host (laptop) will need to provide a USB-C port that supports DP 1.2 or DP 1.4 (DisplayPort Alt-Mode) to transport video across USB-C and to the USBC-11IN1E. If the host does not support DP Alt-Mode, then the USBC-11IN1E would not receive a video signal from the host and be unable to transmit video to the external monitors. We do apologize if there was any confusion as to this specification as we try to do our best to call this out in our product listing **

Looking up the specifications for your HP laptop (17-cn3xxx), I do see a USB-C port, but it does not look like it can support DP Alt-Mode seen here on page 5 of the user’s manual → It lists the USB-C port as a USB-C superspeed port without referencing DP Alt-Mode. This tells me that the USB-C port is not DP Alt-mode capable.

**That all being said, you mentioned that you needed dual external monitor support with at least 4x USB ports and a card reader. I am wondering if one of our DisplayLink docking station solutions may be a better fit here. DisplayLink is great for light office use (not recommended for heavier graphics usage such as CAD, CGI, or video gaming) and can help to bring a multiple external monitor solution for a wide variety of system configurations. All that is required is a standard USB port. **

**If interested, here is a link to some DisplayLink docking station solutions that may be a better fit for your requirements → **

**These docks provide dual monitor support, USB, Audio, Ethernet, and SD card reader support. Our DL-39xx docking station series solutions can provide up to 1920x1080 60Hz monitor support, and our DL-69xx docking station solutions can provide up to 3840x2160 60Hz monitor support. **

**If you have any questions regarding any of these DisplayLink docking station solutions, please let me know, and I would be happy to assist further. **

Best regards,

Michael S.
Product Support Specialist

So in short the one I purchased doesn’t work with my HP laptop. Thanks to Michael for his help. I returned the USBC-11N1E


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