usb3900 not detected

I am using a usb-3900 docking, but no lights are on and when installing the drivers, when getting to the part when it tells you to connect device, it stays there for several minutes and does not get past this step. I have tried this with multiple laptops.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry your docking station isn’t working as expected, and I would be happy to help.

Thank you for letting me know the status of the lights on the front of the unit. If the blue power LED light is not on the first thing to check is that the included power adapter is securely connected to the back of the dock and also to a known good working power outlet. You will also want to double-check that the U.S. style ‘prong’ adapter is securely connected to the power adapter itself.

If checking those things help, great! If not, the dock itself or the power adapter may be faulty and we’ll want to proceed with sending a pretested replacement. Please just send us an email at with your Amazon Order ID number, the serial number from the bottom of the dock and your full preferred shipping address including name and we can get the process started (don’t post that info here in the forum, just include it with your email).

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies