USB3 to HDMI only works when set to Extended


Just bought: from Amazon.

Only one problem: when I enter Windows + P and enable secondary screen only (the one connected to this product) PC lags like crazy.

It only works when set to Extended or main monitor only (one connected via HDMI).

My PC is the Alienware Alpha i7 edition.

OK. Solved the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling Nvidia Driver from Dell’s website.

However, one strange thing I noticed while the adapter is plugged in:

Nvidia Control Panel is empty. Only when I disable the secondary monitor or unplug it completely it returns.

Is this a normal behavior or are Dell drivers limited in some way?

Hi and thanks for posting, and for the quick follow-up. I’d be happy to help.

I’m glad the driver re-install got everything going again. In regard to the Nvidia control panel, this is a known issue that DisplayLink (the company that designed the chip in our adapter and writes all the drivers) has tried to workaround but cannot without Nvidia’s help. Here are two relevant threads from the DisplayLink forum –>… and…

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,

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