USB3-SWITCH2 does not work at all

But I’m not using Windows, either. I have a MacBook Pro, a Dell laptop running Linux and a desktop build-it-yourself running Linux. Even a single device (mouse or keyboard) plugged into it does not work on any platform. I can plug a 3.0 hub into these computers and the devices plugged into the hub are seen. How do I debug the problem?

‘‘However, if you still wish to use a storage device with the switch, there are two potential methods of doing so while drastically reducing the risk of data corruption’’
You-all left off a third option: throw the read-only switch.

Possible problem: I’ve seen vague references to problems with USB 1.0 devices (like my keyboards and mice) on a USB3 hub, but I can’t really get a solid reference one way or the other. Just one “adding a USB2 hub seemed to work for me”.