USB3-SATA-3 Compatability with latest macbook pro retina?

usb3-sata-3 compatibility with latest macbook pro retina…not detecting my 1TB drives but detecting my 80GB drive

To anyone who is interested…

We’re working on this issue and will update here once we’ve found a solution.

Don’t know if this is the same issue but I am also having problems with USB 3.0 on the new Macbook Pro Retina. It seems to mount fine and usable for a few seconds but then keeps droping connection and re-enumerating.

When forced to USB 2.0 mode (by using a 2.0 cable) seems to work fine.

I’ve updated to all latest software updates. Any solution coming? Is there a newer firmware we can try?

Hi John,

Thanks for contacting us, we’ll be happy to help. We do have reports of our USB3-SATA-U3 working with the new Macbook Pro Retina, so it you are having problems, it’s most likely a different issue. We’ll be able to work with you to get it figured out.

Just shoot us an email over to with a link to this thread, your Amazon Order Id, and the serial number of the unit you have and we’ll get you fixed up.


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The drive won’t recognize on my new June 2012 macbook pro. I’ve tried every sort of combination of 2.5" drives, 3.5" drives, 250GB, 750GB, 640GB, both my USB ports, etc. with no luck. Not sure what to do…

Currently working with Sam through