[USB3-HUB7BC] HTC M8 slow charging

My htc M8 is usualy fast charging it show 1600mA/h/9v on sector but only 500mA/h/9V when plugged to the hub with same cord.
any clue ?

We haven’t specifically tested with the M8, so it’s possible that this device isn’t compatible with USB BC 1.2 Dedicated Charging Ports. According to the specifications, the M8 uses Qualcomm QC 2.0 for charging.

Have you tried charging any other devices with the hub?

Also, just to be clear, the hub doesn’t support 9V output. This hub is 5V only, per the USB standard. Out of curiosity, how are you determining charging rates?

I just saw it on Android 7 lock screen, but I can not tell if voltage is accurate.
but i have a iHarbort B01D6UH76U with 2 bc 1.2 ports and it shows 1600mA on it.
on the plugable it will sometimes shows 1600mA on ports 5, 6, and 7 but if I switch it off and on again, it’s back to 500mA.
For now I cannot tell if other devices charges fast or slow, I could not find an android soft that tell if charging is fast or slow.

Ok I could find an application.
so I tryed with an xperia Z3 and it is slow charging too

but a ZenPad 8 is fast charging on every ports

Could you contact us at support@plugable.com so we can get some order details? I suspect you may have a bad hub, and would like to get a replacement to you so we can further investigate.

Just received the replacement hub, I can confirm it woks great with my M8.

Thank you for all.

Glad we were able to help! Don’t hesitate to get in touch again if you have any other issues.