USB3-HUB7A Not Recognized after update to El Capitan (late 2012 iMac)

USB3-HUB7A worked fine on late 2012 iMac under Mavericks, but no lights, no joy after update to El Capitan. Purchased after mid-September 2013, so should have the VL812 B2 chipset with firmware version 9081.


Sorry about this issue. Have you already tried unplugging the hub from USB and power, then reconnecting power first and USB last? Sometimes a power cycle is all that is needed.

If that doesn’t work, if you have a Windows computer with USB 3.0 available to use for a short time, you can update the firmware on your hub:…

If you don’t have access to a Windows PC with USB 3.0 just let me know.


Thanks for the response. It seemed silly at first, but in the process of recycling the power/plugin, I discovered that the power/breaker switch had tripped (I had previously just verified that the power supply brick had green light). However, I did go ahead and connect to a PC with USB and updated FW from 9081 to 9091, then reconnected to iMac and now all is well. Thanks!

Glad to hear it worked out!

If you need anything else just let us know.