USB3-HDMI-DVI Sleep/Wake problem

One of my two USB3-HDMI-DVI adapters doesn’t come back on when my laptop wakes from sleep mode. Always the same one, any ideas?
Lenovo Thinkpad p50 running windows 7…all drivers updated.

Hi Harry, Thanks posting! Sorry to hear that one of your adapters is not working as expected and I will be happy to help.

Based off of the described behavior, it sounds like the adapter in question could have become faulty as another one currently works. We would be happy to send you a pre-tested replacement UGA-3000 adapter which replaced the USB3-HDMI-DVI adapter to help rule out this potential hardware issue. However, we would like to double check some variables to help make sure that a replacement doesn’t behave in the same manner.

To test to see if the behavior continues too follow the adapter, would you be able to swap the monitors that your two adapters are connected two? Does the behavior seem to follow the adapter that was originally not displaying after waking from sleep?

Pending the results from that test, we’ll want to examine some log files to see if they can tell us what is happening. To help us do so please download and run our diagnostic utility PlugDebug –> with everything connected and just after the behavior has occurred so we can try and capture it. Please send us the file that is created on your Desktop by sendnign it to our direct support email at with ‘Ticket Number 149555’ in the subject line. We will examine the logs and determine next steps from there.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies