USB3-HDMI-DVI on Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10

Is anyone using this with Windows 10? I have a Surface Pro 3 and have been using this with Windows 10 and it has been working great. Last night a new build came out (9879) and after installing it now my second display will not work. I have a plugable USB3-HDMI-DVI adapater and I would like to get this working again. Does anyone have any ideas how to make this work?

Hi Wade - Thanks for posting!

The first preview builds of Windows 10 (prior to 9879) included WDDM 1.3 and graphics drivers that were compatible with Windows 8.

Windows 10 builds have been including WDDM 1.3, but Microsoft is also working on and selectively rolling out WDDM 2.0. This new version is not backward compatible with existing graphics drivers (they need to be updated / re-written for WDDM 2.0).

We have no information yet about timetables from Microsoft or DisplayLink for WDDM 2.0 support. DisplayLink has alpha Windows 10 driver available here:…

Some users have noted that each new Windows 10 build requires a driver uninstall/re-install. Also note that new problems with new builds are still common at this point.

DisplayLink has a Windows 10 Forum at….

And please let Microsoft know your feedback and that USB graphics devices are important to you, so they’ll stay engaged helping DisplayLink!

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Thank you Bernie for the prompt response. I will definitely give feedback to Microsoft regarding this issue.

FYI, I posted a message to the Microsoft Feedback app for Win10 last week and then yesterday I saw there was a driver update for the DisplayLink adapter. I installed this update and now it works. Thanks for you help!

I just loaded Windows 10 on my SP3 and lost my two monitors. I noticed that this was posted 1 year ago, but is this still an issue or should I look somewhere else for solutions? If this is the likely cause will a driver uninstall/reinstall correct?

I was able to get this working and the latest driver works well with the SP3.