USB3-E1000 ethernet adaptor installation questions

I have Macbook Pro and followed installation instructions. After responding to restart prompt, nothing happens when I plug in the USB3-E1000. What shouldI expect to happen? Also, how do I get to the “hardware” section that is displayed in the installation instructions?

I’m also confused on how to get response from you guys.

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your question.

Once the software is installed for the USB3-E1000, and the computer is restarted, usually the adapter will show up as a network interface in System Preferences > Network.

Providing there isn’t anything restrictive about the network it is being connected to (such as MAC address filtering in an office network), and providing there aren’t problems with the cable, a network connection should be established.

I’m not sure which instruction set you’re referring to with regards to a hardware prompt. Could you describe step-by-step the actions taken so far and where you ran into a problem?