USB3-E1000 connection drops after 5 minutes on late 2016 MacBook Pro 15"

I am running Mac OS 10.12.2 on a brand-new MacBook Pro 15” touchbar computer. I purchase the Gigabit Ethernet adaptor to speed up Apple’s Migration Assistant between the new MacBook Pro and my old model (mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15") (also running 10.12.2), which has a built-in gigabit ethernet port. I’m using a 3ft Belkin crossover ethernet cable. I downloaded and installed the driver on the computer I’m using the Plugable ethernet adaptor with.

The issue I’m experiencing is that Migration Assistant will work fine for approximately 5 minutes at the start with throughput of approximately 70MB/s. Then it will suddenly drop the ethernet connection and switches to WiFi (excruciatingly slow). If I unplug the ethernet adaptor and re-insert it into the USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 connector it will start using the ethernet connection again for a couple of minutes and then will start having “connection lost” issues.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for contacting Plugable support. Sorry to hear about this issue, I’d be happy to help!

I tried emailing you directly a few weeks ago but never heard back. I’m posting here just in case you or someone else can find this useful.

The first thing I would check is that you’ve got the latest drivers installed, there have been some stability fixes in the latest version for macOS Sierra.

Here is the link to the very latest version:…

If that doesn’t seem to make a difference let me know and we might try sending you a pretested replacement adapter under warranty. Please reach out to us at for further assistance.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies