USB3-Card6A card reader - Poor Transfer Rate

Plugable USB3 6-in-1 card reader (aluminium case) Regarding poor transfer rate.
I’m using an SDXC class 10 card in the reader which is plugged into a USB2 port on my PC but I only get an average transfer rate of 1mb/s whereas I expect around 400mb/s for USB2. Can you offer any suggestions about where the problem might be and how to improve this transfer rate?

Update, I removed a usb extension cable that was between the PC back panel and the reader’s own cable, with the direct cable connection the transfer speed has gone up to approx 30mb/s - better but still slow even for USB2

Update, although the transfer rate peaked at 30mb/s the average has now dropped back nearer to 1mb/s

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Transfer speeds are affected by all sorts of variables. Have you tried testing the card reader with a benchmark tool like CrystalDiskMark to get a baseline?

The benchmark gives the same result, sequential read and write speeds at approx 1Mb/s

I tried the same card reader and same sdxc card in another PC (similar age) and got sequential read of 36Mb/s

Hard disk (destination of transfers from card reader) runs at approx 200 Mb/s

You say transfer speeds can be affected by lots of variables - that is my question - what things should I be looking for?

I read that non-standard drivers can cause issues but I already checked the PC is using native windows 10 drivers for all USB devices visible in device manager. I also tried disabling anti-virus but that had no beneficial effect

Running the benchmark on the same card-reader and same sd card, but using more modern computer, i get 84 MB/s sequential read, so there is no fault with the reader itself, but I’m still looking for what the problem could be on the original older PC (USB 2.0) which still transfers at only 1 MB/s

It’s pretty tough to point to any specific causes for an issue like this. Have you checked to make sure the hard drive you’re copying files to isn’t in use during transfer?

Since we haven’t heard back from you, I’m hoping you were able to resolve the issue. If that isn’t the case, please feel free to contact us at for help!