USB3-6950-HDMI Monitors Freezing - USB Port Reset Failed


Problem with USB3-6950-HDMI. At least once a week for the past month, a user with this device has reported that the screens connected to the device are frozen. Windows shows only one monitor. If I move to another USB port it works for awhile then freezes again. Unplugging and plugging the device back in, Windows reports problem with USB device. Device manager shows “Port Reset Failed”. I’ve run the DisplayLink Cleanup tool and installed latest DisplayLink drivers. I’ve also reset the device in Device Manager and uninstalled and reinstalled the driver in Device Manager. Still getting Port Reset Failed issue. A full reboot clears problem up temporarily but it returns after 5-10 days.


Hello Chris, thanks for posting and I am sorry to hear of this behavior!

Thank you for the description of what you are seeing and letting us know the steps taken to troubleshoot. Since you’d already tried the DisplayLink cleaner steps we’ll want to send you a pre-tested replacement adapter to make sure that the hardware is working properly.

Whenever you have a moment, please contact our direct support email team at with ‘Ticket Number 217129’ in the subject line. Please include the Amazon Order ID number for your purchase, the serial number from the bottom of the adapter and your preferred shipping address to send the replacement. We’ll match everything up and begin the replacement process.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies


I have this problem too. Is there a software solution or some other way to fix it?


Hi James, sorry to hear that you are facing the same problem! Chris, the original poster, had received a new adapter and returned the original for evaluation.

We’d be happy to work with you, as well, and send you a replacement if we find that the hardware may be faulty. Please contact our support email team at and please include the Amazon Order ID number for your purchase, the serial number from the bottom of the adapter and your preferred shipping address to send the replacement.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies


This problem is still happening. It’s not happening on all systems, just “random” ones. Today, it occurred on a Dell laptop. All others were HP.

Same issue - device stops working and device manager shows “Port reset failed”


This happens with my Plugable 6950 as well, sometimes several times per day, sometimes all works fine days in a row. Most of the time I have some fullscreen HD video playing via VLC on one of the devices’ outputs (with regular and pretty static 2D desktop programs on the other) so I don’t let this adapter idle all that much.

I was on DisplayLink software version 8.5 M0 since I bought the device ~2 months ago. Just moments ago I updated to 8.5 M1, remains to be seen if the issue still occurs with that one. The host is a tiny NUC, specifically an ASRock BeeBox-S with Intel i5 Kaby Lake 7200U ( on latest BIOS version 1.90 and fully patched Windows 10 1803.

I already put a fan right next to the PC and adapter around a month ago and that seems to have lowered the failure frequency a little bit but it still happens randomly and way too often (i.e. more often than never). Around once every other week it even crashes when the video is paused and the PC is idling altogether. My workaround to get the adapter working again is to put the PC into hibernation and turn it on again, a clean reboot isn’t required - fortunately.

The CPU generally runs pretty warm at 80-85°C while adding a fan lowered this by around 10°C. The adapter’s case also felt pretty warm to the touch (I guesstimate something like 35-40°C) before I added the fan. Now it feels much colder (another guesstimate: 25°C) but the issue still remains.


Hello Andy, thanks for posting and sorry to hear and happy to help if you’d like. Please just reach out to our support team at and we’ll match everything up and proceed with troubleshooting from there.

David W.