USB3-3900DHE USB->VGA Adapter on Windows 10 freezes VGA monitor after 1/2 hour

Hi - I just got a brand-new Windows 10 laptop, which doesn’t have a VGA port - but I still have a great VGA monitor.

So I just bought the USB3-3900HDE, went to the plugable website and installed the very latest drivers.

It starts up fine and runs for a while - but after about 1/2 hour the picture on my VGA monitor freezes, and the windows that were open on the VGA monitor move to my laptop screen. When I open “Display Settings” on my computer, the VGA monitor is no longer listed.

If I reboot the computer - all is fine again - for another 1/2 hour.

I wonder if there is any way I can reset the graphic drivers while my computer is running, without having to reboot my computer all over again?